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Taurus Shortguns For Sale has a rich history in manufacturing guns that dates back to 1941. Today, they are still an industry leader in offering pistols and revolvers. We offer timeless revolvers such as the Taurus 856 to the compact Taurus G2C 9mm pistol. Whichever gun choose, be sure a Taurus is a part of your collection.

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After long-term cooperation with the Brazilian manufacturer TAURUS and the distribution of lever-action rifles from Rossi, the importer Waffen Ferkinghoff expands its Brazilian program with the tactical Taurus Shortguns For Sale has a rich history in manufacturing guns that dates back to 1941. Today, they are still an industry leader  ST12 calibre 12/76. This pump-action gun has a comprehensive feature list.

The Taurus ST-12 is equipped with a system housing made of high-strength aluminium alloy. With a barrel length of 20”; the steel repository magazine has a capacity of 7 cartridges. An additional cartridge can be carried in the cartridge chamber. The anodized black barrel is equipped with a heat shield and a jagged gunfire muffler and enables the use of various Taurus Shortguns For Sale shells up to steel shot.

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In the tactical execution, the Taurus ST-12 is a surprisingly light and extremely handy Taurus Shortguns For Sale. Ferkinghoff supplies these with a 6-fold adjustable Tactical shaft, with black plastic forefront and an AR15-like pistol grip. In addition, the shotgun is equipped with a picatinny rail, thus allowing the easy mounting of various optics. Both the shaft shape and the individual adjustment options ensure intuitive handling of the weapon.

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Based on the well-known and well-maintained Mossberg 590 rifle, customers are given a new weapon platform with a new gun design. For the price of 599 USD the pump-action gun is available in the shop at